San Diego, I Love You 2.0 (Circle Circle Dot Dot)

San Diego I Love You 2-0

Circle Circle Dot Dot is a small collaborative theatre group that creates plays inspired by topics relevant to San Diegans, such as San Diego, I Love You 2.0. This experimental play takes the audience of ten to a variety of secret locations in University Heights to witness the charming love story of Grace and Charles as their relationship is tested by Charles’ constant Navy deployments.

San Diego I Love You 2-0

Grace and Charles in the 1980s meeting for the first time.

Frankie, the son of Grace and Charles, narrates parts of the play and guides you to each destination. Seeing that Frankie is the “tour guide,” he might have added memories from his childhood along the route to complement the adventure and give the spectators further insight into this love story.

Limiting the number of actors playing the two lovebirds would have provided better characterization and a sense of continuity. Overall, this is a fun and innovative play that offers something new to San Diego.